G22 Projects

I have had the pleasure of creating a new visual identity, advertising strategy and several print products for the architects G22 Projects. My job was modernizing the brand while maintaining its heritage. I have been working on this visual language for the past couple months and I am so excited to share with you. It was a pleasure working with the architects and the great people of Marketing Factory for making this vision come to life!

I designed a campaign that would bring together G22 Projects with various hotel owner in Cortina, a beautiful winter tourism destination, to get them ready for Ski Weltcup 2021. The idea was to launch a personalized notebook and more than 80 individual videoclips, to invite the clients to dress up their hotels for the future. In addition I was tasked with designing the new G22 Projects website, a newsletter template and landingpage, new business cards, folders, brochures and a new portfolio design. As art director and lead designer, I was responsible for the whole concept and ad campaign. Furthermore I developed a new brand language with some recognizable slogans.


3. Oktober 2016


Graphic Design, Motion Design, Web Design